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The GOOD stories in this social world.

With Todd Austin

It’s connecting people around the world, sharing stories, news and events, informing, enlightening and enriching our relationships. Good social media is the kind that makes you smile, makes you think, breaks down a wall, it can make you happy and sad or inspire you to make a change, it can bring you closer to a loved one or introduce you to a new friend across the globe.
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Podcast Episodes

EP.26 Facebook Turns 15

Description This week, Facebook celebrated its 15th birthday and in this episode Todd takes a look back over the timeline from its origins in a Harvard dorm room to becoming the biggest social network in the world. Show notes Timeline...

EP.25 The Influence and Exposure of Fyre Festival

Description Fyre Festival was billed as a dream event—an ultra exclusive, ultra luxury festival to be held on an island in the Bahamas, the reality was more like a nightmare for those that attended. Join Todd as he explores how social media played an equal part in...

EP.24 Misinformation on Social Media

Description What do Mark Twain, Robin Williams and Marie Kondo have in common? To find out the answer you'll have to listen to this week's episode where Todd talks about misinformation on social media and how we all have a responsibility to do something about it. Show...

EP.23 Social Media for Business

Description Do businesses belong on social media? Can a business use social media to successfully grow an audience and build a client base? In this episode Todd talks about how business can use social media to not just sell but enrich their audiences lives with...

EP.22 Social Media in 2019

  Description 2018 was a big year for social media and in this episode Todd recaps some of the major events of the year and also discusses his predictions for 2019 which touch on how people use social media, changes in the platforms and trends in content...


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