The GOOD stories in this social world.

With Todd Austin

It’s connecting people around the world, sharing stories, news and events, informing, enlightening and enriching our relationships. Good social media is the kind that makes you smile, makes you think, breaks down a wall, it can make you happy and sad or inspire you to make a change, it can bring you closer to a loved one or introduce you to a new friend across the globe.
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Podcast Episodes

EP.47 Sharing Big News on Social Media

Description Big news about your life is important to you and considering how and who you share it with is equally important. In this episode Todd and Alex discuss their recent big news (hint: they’re having a BABY!) when they chose to share it

EP.48 Instagram is Hiding Likes and it’s Going to be Okay

Description In May 2019 Instagram began testing hiding post likes in July they expanded the test to more countries. It became huge news for social media and traditional media but what does it really mean and why are they really testing it? Show Notes We’re currently...

EP.44 The Responsibility of Community Management

Description Who is responsible for comments on social media posts? A recent court ruling highlights the importance of community management and the responsibility that anyone who publishes anything on social media has, not just for the content shared but the comments...

EP.42 The SXSW Episode

Description SXSW is a conference and So much more! In this episode Todd recounts his trip to Austin, Texas for SXSW 2019. He talks about the food, the fun and the way that SXSW has affected him (in the BEST way).  Show Notes View this post on Instagram A post shared...


Social Media Manipulation and Propaganda

Social Media can do a lot of things - connect old friends, help charities connect with donors, help people find recommendations, keep us connected and help keep us informed. It can be used for lots of good things but it can also be used for very bad things, terrible...

Why I like Talking About Social Media

I opened my Facebook account in 2007 and mostly shared random and obscure quotes from movies I liked. Social media was still so new and I was trying to work out how to use it. If you look through my timeline, go all the way back to 2007, you’ll see photos of me with...

What is Good Social Media?

You don’t have to go far to find a story of how social media played a part in changing someone’s life. It is a gift, an evolution of the human spirit and we’re fortunate to be witnessing the beginning of this social revolution that’s connecting people around the...