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The GOOD stories in this social world.

With Todd Austin

It’s connecting people around the world, sharing stories, news and events, informing, enlightening and enriching our relationships. Good social media is the kind that makes you smile, makes you think, breaks down a wall, it can make you happy and sad or inspire you to make a change, it can bring you closer to a loved one or introduce you to a new friend across the globe.
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Podcast Episodes

EP.20 Reflecting on 2018

Description  Todd launched the podcast in 2018 and in this episode he looks back at some of his favourite episodes and his guests, discusses the successes and failures and where things are going in 2019. Show notes Guest Episodes...

EP.19 Healthy Social Media Use

Description  Social media can be so good but it can also be a distraction from real life. In this episode Todd talks about healthy social media use and why it's important to practice it during the festive season. Shown notes  Facebook...

EP.18 Why There’s No Dislike Button on Facebook

Description The ability to 'Like' was added to Facebook in 2009, it was a great feature that enable more interaction from users but it was also very limited in application. In this episode Todd talks about why a dislike button was not the answer. Show notes A short...

EP.17 Bringing Positivity to Social Media

 Description It can be something that made you laugh, something that made you think or something that you love. Bringing positivity to social media isn’t hard to do and anyone can do it! Todd talks about how we can be positive, what it means and shares some examples....

EP.16 Instagram Real Life VS Reel Life

Description Is what happens on social media real life or is it fictional? Does it matter? Social media is a lot of different things to a lot of different people and in this episode Todd discusses the real vs reel. Show notes EP.15 Mel Kettle – Social Media for CEOs,...


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